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Life After Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery

Below are the stories of a few of the many patients who have received the Orthofix M6-C™ artificial cervical disc. Every patient story on our website spotlights a real patient and their experience with artificial disc replacement surgery.

Koa’s Story

The M6 disc definitely changed my life. I’m surfing again. I’m just looking for the next big wave. And I honestly am just enjoying life feeling normal and pain free.” – Koa, professional surfer, and a M6-C™ disc patient

After his neck injury, professional surfer Koa Rothman was warned by his spine surgeons that he needed to have surgery or he would have to quit surfing. Koa considered his options and then chose to have an artificial cervical disc replacement procedure. Watch the video and see how the M6-C disc helped Koa get back on his board and start surfing worldwide again.

Randy’s Story

It’s very rewarding that I’m getting the opportunity again to go out and do what I love — be a firefighter and serve my community.” – Randy, firefighter and a M6-C™ disc patient

While fighting a house fire, the roof collapsed and almost ended Randy’s firefighting career. Watch the video to see how the M6-C disc helped Randy return to serving his community as a firefighter.

Kevin's Story

Running gives me a sense of freedom that I can still go out and live my life and do the things that I want to do.” — Kevin, runner and a M6-C disc patient

After Kevin ruptured a disc in his neck, his pain was so great that he sometimes could not get off of the couch. Watch the video and see how the M6-C disc helped Kevin get back to his normal activities.