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The M6 Artificial Discs Have Improved Lives
Around the World

Below are the stories of a few of the many patients who have received the Orthofix M6-C™ artificial cervical disc. Every patient story on our website spotlights a real patient and their experience with artificial disc replacement surgery.

Randy’s Story

It’s very rewarding that I’m getting the opportunity again to go out and do what I love — be a firefighter and serve my community.” – Randy, firefighter and a M6-C™ disc patient

While fighting a house fire, the roof collapsed and almost ended Randy’s firefighting career. Watch the video to see how the M6-C disc helped Randy return to serving his community as a firefighter.

Kevin's Story

Running gives me a sense of freedom that I can still go out and live my life and do the things that I want to do.” — Kevin, runner and a M6-C disc patient

After Kevin ruptured a disc in his neck, his pain was so great that he sometimes could not get off of the couch. Watch the video and see how the M6-C disc helped Kevin get back to his normal activities.